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Common name - African Pygmy Hedgehog

Latin nameAtelerix albiventris

Country of Origin - Africa

Sex - Female

Adult size - 20-25cm 300-500g

Average Lifespan - 3-6 years

Care level - Beginner to Intermediate

Description - African pygmy hedgehogs are solitary animals and should not be housed together. They are nocturnal and can become very active on their exercise wheel at night time. They are fairly low maintenance pets as they can be litter trained. It is important that they are kept in a warm enclosure above 20 degrees so they do not hibernate. We recommend a well vented vivarium with a heat source. Daily handling will help your hedgehog become tame.

Cleaning - Clean out litter tray daily and clean out enclosure at least once a week and disinfect.

Shopping list - Vivarium/terrarium or indoor cage, Heat source, Thermometer, Paper Bedding, Food, Food bowl, Ceramic Water bowl, Hide, Litter tray, Litter, Litter scoop, Giant exercise wheel, Disinfectant

African Pygmy Hedgehog male

  • African Pygmy hedgehog mix or high quality meat based cat food, supplemented with mealworms, crickets and locusts. They can also have some fruit e.g apple, banana, melon and vegetables e.g broccoli, carrot, cauliflower. Fresh clean water daily.

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