Red eye tree frogs het for melanistic


Common name - Red eye tree frogs, het for melanistic

Latin name - Agalychnis callidryas het for melanistic

Country of Origin - Central America

Adult size - 5-7.5cm 

Average Lifespan - 8-10 years

Care level - Beginner

UV required - 6%

Temperature range - 25-28

Minimum housing size - 45x45x60cm(babies) 60x45x60cm(adults)

Description - The red eyed tree frogs name comes from the bright red eyes these animals have. When sleeping, the brightly colored sides and eyes of these frogs are completely concealed. Upon being startled by a predator, the bright sides and eyes are suddenly exposed, often startling predators and giving the frog enough time to escape. Red-eyed treefrogs have sticky pads on their toes. These frogs are nocturnal.

Cleaning - Bioactive setup ideally so cleanup crew needed

Shopping list - Exo Terra ideally fully planted, Lighting, Heating, Livefood, Water dish, Thermometer/hygrometer, Calcium & D3, Spray bottle or rain system

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