Aquaplan Pre-cut PVC Pond liner


aquaPLAN is a premium 0.5mm PVC pond liner, manufactured in Sweden. The combination of material and thickness make this the perfect choice for small ponds and water features where an economical solution is required.


Why Choose aquaPLAN PVC Pond Liner?


Clean finish: A smooth, pure black, shiny finish means PVC pond liner provides a clean neat look.

UV resistant: Our PVC’s composition has been designed in order to achieve the best UV resistance possible to provide a long life.

Excellent flexibility: Being thinner than the EPDM rubber liners we supply, PVC pond liner is highly flexible so can be manipulated into all corners of your pond with ease.

Good puncture resistance: Compared to many other economy liners, PVC has a good puncture resistance meaning it is less likely to get affect by roots or stones.

Human, fish and animal safe: aquaPLAN PVC pond liner is non-toxic, therefore safe for aquatic, human and plant life.

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