Barb Denisonii Red Flash Tank Bred

The Denison's Barb is one of the most striking of all the Barbs, sporting a bright red marking along the front part of the body. Denison's Barbs are a relatively new fish in the hobby and are still relatively pricey, although the cost of the fish has dropped significantly in the past year or so. At up to 15cm, a reasonably sized tank is required but the fish are generally sociable and will do well in a community of medium sized fish. Denison's Barbs are closely related to the Flying Foxes and 'sharks' so there may be occasional squabbles with tank mates of this type. Should be kept in groups of at least three and provided with plenty of swimming space as well as hiding spots or shaded areas. These fish can also be kept in unheated indoor aquariums. - See more at:
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