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Common name - Peppermint horned frog

Latin name - Ceratrophys ornata

Country of Origin - South America

Adult size -10-15cm 

Average Lifespan - 15 years

Care level - Beginner

UV required - 6%

Temperature range - 23-25

Minimum housing size - 60x45x45

Description - Horned frogs spend the majority of their lives with two thirds of their bodies buried in the soft, damp earth. They are well camouflaged within their surroundings and surprise almost any organism that happens to appear before them. Horned frogs are very strong animals with extremely powerful jaws that are designed to hold onto animals nearly as large as themselves. The jaws are lined with tiny tooth like nodules which help grip onto struggling prey. Horned frogs don't particularly do well with handling and can become quite stressed when handling is done regularly.

Cleaning - bioactive setup with clean up crew ideally

Shopping list - Exo Terra terrarium, heating, lighting, water dish, hides, calcium & D3, thermometer/hygrometer, spray bottle, livefood

Peppermint horned frog (PAC-MAN)

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