Dead Leaf Mantis

Dead Leaf Mantis


Common name - Dead Leaf Mantis

Latin name - Deroplatys dessicata

Country of Origin - South East Asia

Adult size - 8-9cm

Average Lifespan - 12 months

Care level - Beginner

UV required - N/A

Temperature range - 25-30 C

Humidty - 50-80%

Minimum housing size - 20x20x30cm

Description - They are well camouflaged between dry branches and leaves. Large prey is easily caught. They also like lurking near the ground. The males are shy and can fall to the ground in case of danger (and pretend to be dead). 

Cleaning - As necessary

Shopping list - Enclosure, Livefood, Substrate, Branches, Plant, Spray misting bottle, thermometer

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