Bumblebee dart frogs (Leucomelas)

Bumblebee dart frogs (Leucomelas)


Common name - Bumblebee dart frogs

Latin nameDendrobates leucomelas

Country of Origin - South America

Adult size - 3-4cm 

Average Lifespan - 10-20 years

Care level - Beginner

UV required - 6%

Temperature range - 23-25

Minimum housing size - 45x45x45cm

Diet - fruit fly, hatchling crickets, springtails

Description - Bumblebee dart frogs are mostly yellow and black in color with a varying degree of black spots and bands. They are one of the largest species in the Dendrobates group.

Cleaning - Bioactive setup ideally with clean up crew

Shopping list - Exo Terra terrarium, lighting, heating, themometer/hygrometer, livefood, water dish, hides, calcium & D3, spray bottle

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