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Common name - Yemens or Veiled Chameleon

Latin name - Chameleo calyptratus

Country of Origin - Yemen, Saudi Arabia

Sex - Make 

Adult size - 45-60cm

Average Lifespan - 6-8 years

Care level - Beginner to Intermediate

Lighting -  12% UV

Temperature range - 24-34C

Minimum housing size - 90 x 45 x 90cm

Description - Yemens are excellent starter chameleons as they are a hardier species, however they are not always as friendly. Their amazing eyes and feet and the way they feed makes them interesting pets to keep.

Cleaning - Use clean up crew in a bio active setup & spot pick when necessary

Shopping list - Arboreal terrarium - ideally fully planted, substrate, lighting, heating, thermo/hygrometer, spray system, dripper, livefood, decor & branches, calcium & d3 supplement

Yemens/Veiled Chameleon

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