Gliding tree frog


Common name - Gliding tree frog

Latin name - Agalychnis spurrelli

Country of Origin - Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Panama

Adult size - 2-3"

Average Lifespan - 10-15 years

Care level - Beginner

UV required - 6%

Temperature range - 23-25 C

Minimum housing size - 60x45x60cm

Description The body is slim with smooth skin on the dorsal surface and limbs and granular skin on the belly. The limbs are slim and the fingers and toes have adhesive discs. The fingers are about three-quarter webbed and the toes fully webbed. The colour of the dorsal surface of this frog changes at nightfall from pale green to dark green. The underparts are cream and orange.

Cleaning - Bioactive setup with cleanup crew

Shopping list - Exo Terra terrarium fully planted ideally, Lighting, Heating, Themometer/hygrometer, water dish, livefood, calcium & D3, spray bottle or rain system.

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