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Common name - Guinea pig

Latin nameCavia porcellus

Country of Origin - South America

Sex - Females & males

Adult size - 25cm 700-1200g

Average Lifespan - 4-7 years

Care level - Beginner 

Description - Guinea pigs can be kept inside or out. Guinea pigs are vulnerable to extreme weather so best kept inside or in a well insulated hutch in the winter. They are curious creatures and like to see whats going on. Guinea pigs need company of their own kind and best kept in single sex pairs or groups of females.  Guinea pigs make great pets and are happy to be handled once used to their new surroundings. They are gentle animals and therefore make great pets for children. They are active during the day and communicate vocally.

Cleaning - Clean out cage at least once a week and disinfect.

Shopping list - Indoor cage or hutch/run, Bedding, Hay, Food, Food bowl, Water bottle, Hide, Disinfectant

Guinea Pigs (Various colours)

  • Gerty Guinea pig mix. Raw fruit or vegetable can be given 2-3 times a week e.g apple, carrot, broccoli, oranges. Fresh clean water daily.

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