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Common name- Budgerigar

Latin name- Melopsittacus undulatus

Country of Origin- Australia

Sex- Males & females available

Adult size- 18-20cm 30-40g

Average Lifespan- 5-10 years

Diet & water- Budgie Seed

Care level- Beginner

Description- Budgies make great pets for children and adults as they are relatively easy to care for. Budgies can become hand tame with plenty of patience and handling from an early age. Male budgies are better talkers than the females, though females can learn a few words and whistle beautifully! You can easily tell the sex of a budgie from about 6 months of age, by looking at the colour of the cere(flesh above the beak), the boys are generally blue and the girls are brown. 

Cleaning- Clean out cage at least once a week and disinfect.

Shopping list- Cage, Sand sheets or bird sand, Seed, Treats, Seed dish, Water bowl, Grit, Perches, Toys, Millet Sprays, Cuttlefish, Iodised block, Disinfectant

Hand reared budgies

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