Koi Care Zeolite 5kg bag


Rapid Ammonia Removal

  • Filter Bag Included.
  • Also reduces toxic Nitrite and Nitrate levels.
  • Maintains the health and vitality of your fish.
  • Large 10-35 mm chunks.
  • Ideal for large filters.
  • Can be re-charged.
  • Can be used for decorative effect in the pond.

When to Use:

  • For best results, use throughout the year and recharge regularly.
  • Recharge and top up when water quality begins to fall.


  • Place into the filter bag provided and rinse under the tap.
  • Place in the filter in an area with a strong flow of water.
  • Test your water quality using Pondlab Test Kits.
  • Recharge in spring and every 6 weeks (unless poor water quality is detected). Replace 50% of the zeolite with every recharge.
  • To recharge: prepare a salt solution (4 tablespoonsper gallon of water) and soak the chunks for 24 hours.


Test your water quality first using Pondlab test kits.

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