Kusuri Sinking Pellet


Kusuri Sinking Ornamental Food is an all-season formula, and is sutiable for a wide variety of species with bottom and surface feeding behaviour, including Sturgeon, Koi Carp, Starlets, Tench and Goldfish. This sinking pellet has been prepared using special temperature cooking and ‘expander’ technology. This helps gelatinise the starch present in the food, rendering it more digestible for all pond fish. As a result the pellet is very dense; this high density allows the pellet to sink slowly through the water column, making it perfect for surface feeders during the colder months when they tend to feed in the lower areas of the pond.

Sinking Pellet formula provides a full everyday diet deriving proteins from fish meal and from vegetable origins. A balanced Vitamin and Mineral supplement which will meet all the needs for good growth, whilst maintaining optimum health and vitality.

Sinking Pellet Food =also contains a number of special ingredients to promote health and help reduce stress. These ingredients include purified Beta 1,3 /1,6 glucans, which is an immuno-stimulant enhancing production of white cells to kill off invading bacteria.

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