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Common name - Rats

Latin name - Rattus norvegicus domestica

Country of Origin- Europe

Sex- Males & Females 

Adult size- 25-35cm 350-650g

Average Lifespan- 3-5 years 

Care level- Beginner 

Description- Rats are very clever animals and make great pets. They are best kept in same sex pairs or groups. Rats are best kept in a large, tall wire cage with a solid base so they can't trap their feet. Rats enjoy climbing and will make use of ladders, ropes, hammocks and tunnels. It's important they have something to chew on, so provide wooden blocks or toys and cardboard chews for enrichment. They are intelligent, social animals that tend to be active at dawn and dusk.

Cleaning- Clean out enclosure at least once a week and disinfect.

Shopping list- Large Wire Cage, Paper Bedding, Food, Food bowl, Glass water bottle, Hide, Hammock, Cardboard tunnels, Wooden toys, exercise wheel, Disinfectant

Dumbo Rat

  • Burgess Excel Rat Nuggets and fresh water daily. Small amounts of fruit and veg e.g carrots and apple can be given 2-3 times a week.

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