Male mice

Male mice


Common name - Fancy Mice

Latin name - Mus Musculus Domestica

Country of Origin - Europe

Sex - Females and males

Adult size - 15-25cm 30-45g

Average Lifespan - 1-3 years

Care level - Beginner

Description - Mice are easy to care for and make excellent pets for children and adults. Best kept as pairs or groups of females. Males should be kept singularly as they can fight. Mice love climbing so it would be good to add some climbing apparatus e.g rope or branches in their enclosure. They also enjoy going through tunnels and tubes. Mice are usually friendly and rarely bite however some can be more timid than others. Male mice have quite a strong odour so females are more commonly kept as pets.

Cleaning - Clean out enclosure at least once a week and disinfect.

Shopping list -Cage, Paper Bedding, Food, Food bowl, water bottle, Hide, exercise ball, exercise wheel, Disinfectant

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