Guibé's mantella

Guibé's mantella


Common name - Guibé's mantella

Latin name - Mantella nigricans

Country of Origin - Madagascar

Adult size - 2.5-3cm

Average Lifespan - 8 years

Care level - Beginner

UV required - 6%

Temperature range - 20-25

Minimum housing size - 45x45x60cm

Description - Mantella nigricans are mainly brown, or with partly or almost entirely green back. Flanks are black or partly green, with relatively large green patches on the sides. This frog is a streamside species, living at the forest edge often near water.

Cleaning - Bioactive setup ideally with clean up crew

Shopping list - Exo Terra terrarium, lighting, heating, themometer/hygrometer, livefood, water dish, hides, calcium & D3, spray bottle

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