Milk frogs


Common name - Amazon Milk frogs

Latin name - Trachycephalus resinifictrix

Country of Origin - South America

Adult size - 2.5 - 4 inches

Average Lifespan - 8-10 years

Care level - Beginner

UV required - 6%

Temperature range - 25-28 C

Minimum housing size - 45x45x60cm(babies) 60x45x60cm(adults)

Description - Amazon milk frogs are patterned black-and-white banded as juveniles, their contrasting coloration blends into a mix of more subtle browns and grays, outlined in crisp white as they mature during the first couple years. Light gray to white polka dots eventually develop and speckle most of the dark dorsal coloration as adults.

Cleaning - Bioactive setup ideally so cleanup crew needed

Shopping list - Exo Terra ideally fully planted, Lighting, Heating, Livefood, Water dish, Thermometer/hygrometer, Calcium & D3, Spray bottle or rain system

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