Moroccan Spur thigh tortoise 2014

Moroccan Spur thigh tortoise 2014


Common name - Moroccan spur thigh tortoise

Latin name -Testudo graeca spp

Country of Origin - Morocco

Adult size - 15-25cm

Average Lifespan - 70-100 years

Care level - Beginner

UV required - 6-12% UV

Temperature range -  25-30C

Minimum housing size - 115cm x 45cm x 45cm 

Description - Moroccan Spur thigh tortoises are relatively easy to keep with the correct setup. 

Cleaning - As necessary

Shopping list - Large Terrestial Vivarium, hemp substrate, water pool, food dish, UV Lighting, heating, Decor, Hides, Calcium, Cuttlefish, Thermometer, Disinfectant

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