Musk turtle

Musk turtle


Common name - Musk turtle

Latin name - Sternotherus odoratus

Country of Origin - North America

Adult size - 4-6"/10-15cm

Average Lifespan - 35-40 years

Care level - Beginner

UV required - Yes

Temperature range - 25

Minimum housing size - 60cm x 45cm

Description -Due to their manageable size and great characters and personalities, Musk turtles make great pets and interesting creatures to keep. They are very inquisitive and sociable and as they stay relatively small, we find they are the best turtle species to keep.

Cleaning - As necessary

Shopping list - Exo terra Turtle kit containing Glass tank 60 x 45 x 35cm, Turtle Bank Floating Island, Turtle UVB Light Fixutre, Turtle Filter, Turtle Heater, Turtle Pebbles, Thermometer, food also required to purchase separately.

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