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Common name- Celestial parrotletts

Latin name- Forpus coelestis

Country of Origin- Ecuador and Peru

Sex- Males & females available

Adult size- 10-14cm 34-44g

Average Lifespan- 10-15 years

Diet & water- Cockatiel/lovebird seed and fresh water daily. Small pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables can be given as a treat. Millet sprays and cuttlefish should also be offered.

Care level- Beginner

Description- Celestial parrotletts are a small bird but have a huge personality. They have a very strong beak for their size, so don't underestimate their strength.  They are very active and enjoy their toys and need to be kept busy. Best suited to adults rather than children due to their feistiness.

Cleaning- Clean out cage at least once a week and disinfect.

Shopping list- Cage, Sand sheets or bird sand, Seed, Treats, Seed dish, Water bowl, Grit, Perches, Toys, Millet Sprays, Cuttlefish, Iodised block, Disinfectant

Pair of Blue Celestial Parrotlets

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