Plecostomus Blue Phantom L128

The Blue Phantom Pleco is a most attractive suckermouth catfish species suitable for large, mature softwater aquaria. In the wild, these fish live amongst rocky substrates in fast flowing rivers and therefore require decent current and a good level of oxygenation within the aquarium. Provide plenty of rockwork and create numerous shady caves for the fish to hide amongst. Try to ensure that the strongest areas of current flow through these hiding places. Bogwood is not strictly necessary, although it may make the tank look more aesthetically pleasing. A powerful filtration system is recommended as these fish, like other Loricariids, produce a lot of waste. Tankmates for the mid level of the tank could include some of the medium sized characins e.g. silver dollars (Metynnis sp.), Hyphessobrycon sp., Semaprochilodus sp. etc.
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