Point of lay Hybrid hens

Point of lay Hybrid hens


Common name- Chickens

Latin name- Gallus gallus domesticus

Country of Origin- Asia

Sex- Females 

Adult size- 40cm 2kg

Average Lifespan- 5 years

Diet & water- Layers Pellets or mash and a handful of mixed corn. Clean Fresh water should be given daily. 

Care level- Beginner

Description- Point of lay hybrid hens are female chickens that are between 16 and 20 weeks old at the point they will soon begin laying eggs in life. Hybrid hens are friendly, hardy and inquisitve birds which will reward you with delicious fresh eggs. Hybrid hens usually produce between 250 and 330 eggs in their first laying year. All our point of lay hens are fully vaccinated against common poultry illnesses. 

Cleaning- Clean out house at least once a week and disinfect.

Shopping list- Poultry house and run, Shavings, Straw, Food, Feeder, drinker, Grit, Disinfectant

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