Possible Female Gargoyle Gecko

Possible Female Gargoyle Gecko


Common name - Gargoyle gecko

Latin nameRhacodactylus auriculatus

Country of Origin - New Caledonia

Adult size - 25cm

Average Lifespan - 15 years

Care level - Beginner

Lighting -  6% UV

Temperature range - 16-26C

Humidity - 60-80%

Minimum housing size - 45 x 45 x 60cm

Description - Gargoyle geckos are naturally arboreal, and can climb and jump very well. Best kept in a bio active setup. They generally make good pets and can become tame with time and handling.

Cleaning - Spot pick as required or use clean up crew in a bio active setup

Shopping list - Terrarium - ideally fully planted, substrate, decor, heating, lighting, repashy, livefood, water dish, jelly pots, calcium & d3, spray misting bottle.

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