Puffer Lineatus (Fahaka) Tank Bred Tb

The Nile Puffer is an extremely aggressive and large-growing member of the Tetraodon genus. Its fast growing nature and large adult size dictates that this formidable predator requires an aquarium of huge proportions, with corresponding powerful filtration. A Nile Puffer will not tolerate any other fish within the confines of the same aquarium, so each individual must be maintained as a solitary specimen in a species-only aquarium. It is not unknown for these fierce creatures to 'go for' fish that can be seen in neighbouring tanks, and there are many reports of serious injuries to fishkeepers when carrying out routine maintenance on their Nile Puffer tank. Many prefer to section off areas of the tank with a special tank divider as they are working on each section, to avoid accidentally provoking the puffer, which sees anything that moves as food. The tank itself should be aquascaped with plenty of shady hiding spots amongst rocky caves, and lighting should not be too bright. The substrate should be smooth because of the length of time the puffer will spend laying on it, particularly after a large meal. When it comes to feeding time, add food with caution and never place the hands directly in the tank to offer up the food. Dropping it in from a height of several inches is best. As these voracious predators can consume a lot of food in one sitting, ensure that powerful filtration and aeration is used to cope with the metabolic rate. Regular partial water changes should be carried out on a frequent basis. It is best to either locate the heater in a sump, or use a thermo-filter (filter with built in heater) as these fish can, and will, bite through them with ease. As with other puffer species, this fish can inflate when frightened or cornered. It should never be provoked into doing so, and never above water where it can take on air, which can prove fatal. If moving a Nile Puffer to larger quarters, the fish should be herded into a solid container under the water so as to remove the necessity of netting and lifting it clear of the water. Please remember that pufferfish can vary in temperament, and there may be exceptions to the expected behaviour of the species.
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