Red Claw Scorpion

Red Claw Scorpion


Common name - Red claw Scorpion

Latin name - Pandinus viatoris

Country of Origin - Tanzania

Adult size - 12 cm leg span

Average Lifespan - 8 years

Care level - Intermediate

Lighting -  UV is not necessary but will show them glow

Temperature range - 24-28 C

Humidity - 60%

Minimum housing size - 30x30x30cm

Diet - Live insects

Description - A similar appearance to Emperor scorpions but smaller and less friendly! They are a beautiful species with red claws. These scorpions are not hard to keep but not recommended for younger enthusiasts as they can be aggressive and sting. 

Shopping list - Enclosure, substrate, water bowl, live food, tongs, decor, scorpion light and heating

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