Smooth Helmeted Iguana/Basilisk

Smooth Helmeted Iguana/Basilisk


Common name - Smooth Helmeted Iguana/Basilisk

Latin nameCorytophanes cristatus

Country of Origin - Southern Mexico to Southern America

Adult size - 25-35cm

Average Lifespan - 7 years

Care level - Beginner to Intermediate

Lighting -  6% UV

Temperature range - 25-32C

Minimum housing size - 90 x 45 x 90cm

Description - The smooth helmeted iguana is a medium sized lizard with long slim legs and very long toes. It can be grey, olive, brown, black or reddish-brown with irregular blotches. 

Cleaning - Bio active setup with clean up crew and clean out as necessary

Shopping list - Planted Arboreal vivarium/terrarium, heating, lighting, thermometer, food dish, water dish, decor, calcium & D3, livefood

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