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Common name - Sulcata or African Spur thighed tortoise

Latin name - Geochelone sulcata

Country of Origin - Africa

Adult size - 60-90cm

Average Lifespan - 70-100 years

Care level - Intermediate - Experienced

UV required - 12% UV

Temperature range - 27-35 C

Minimum housing size - 115cm x 45cm x 45cm (for babies)

Description - The Sulcata tortoise is the largest tortoise that is native to Africa and does not hibernate. So they require a large heat requirement and will eat a lot of food and need a large enclosure.

Cleaning - As necessary

Shopping list - Large Terrestial Vivarium, hemp substrate, water pool, food dish, UV Lighting, heating, Decor, Hides, Calcium, Cuttlefish, Thermometer, Disinfectant

Sulcata tortoise

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