Trio Sunny Stick Insect (Sungaya)

Trio Sunny Stick Insect (Sungaya)


Common name - Sunny Stick Insect

Latin name - Sungaya Inexpectata

Country of Origin - Phillipine Islands

Adult size - 5-9cm 

Average Lifespan - 12 months

Care level - Beginner

Temperature range - 22-27 C

Humidity - 60-80%

Minimum housing size - 30 x 30 x 45cm

Diet - Bramble, hawthorn

Description - This species is sexually dimorphic, with females larger than the males. The females tend to have more contrasting colours with areas of dark or light brown and some with white bands on the legs and body, whereas the males tend to be light to medium brown in colour.

Cleaning - Replace substrate as required

Shopping list - Enclosure, substrate, oasis, spray bottle, water dish

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