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Common name - Pied Degu

Latin nameOctodon degus

Country of Origin - Chile

Sex - Male

Adult size - 25-30cm 170g-400g

Average Lifespan - 6- 8 years

Care level - Beginner

Description - Degus are highly social and active animals. They live in burrows, and, by digging communally, they are able to construct larger and more elaborate burrows than they could on their own. Their advantages over traditional small pets are their diurnal habits, great personalities, the haired tail and their longer lifespan. Disadvantages are their predisposition to chewing, due to their continually growing incisor and molar teeth.

Shopping list - Cage, food, bedding, hay, food bowl, water bottle, disinfectant, treats, hide, sand bath, sand, wheel, gnawing block.

Female pair of white pied degus

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