Two Female gerbils

Two Female gerbils

Common name - Gerbil
Latin name - Meriones unguiculatus
Country of Origin - Africa, Asia & Middle East
Sex - Female
Adult size - 15-30cm including tail 55-100g
Average Lifespan - 2-4 years
Care level - Beginner 
Description - Gerbils are generally active during the day and like to dig burrows so it is important that they have a deep base layer of bedding in their home. Gerbils like to gnaw so a glass tank is ideal for them to live in. They like to shred their bedding material to make a nest to sleep in, this helps keep their teeth trimmed. Gerbils are sociable animals and best kept in single sex pairs or groups. Gerbils are fast and can be difficult for young children to handle so best suited to older children and adults. 
Cleaning - Clean out cage at least once a week and disinfect.
Shopping list - Gerbilarium or glass tank, Plenty of Bedding, Food, Ceramic Food bowl, Glass Water bottle, Exercise wheel, Exercise ball, Disinfectant
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