Winter White Dwarf Hamster

Winter White Dwarf Hamster

Common name - Winter white dwarf hamsterLatin name - Phodopus sungorusCountry of Origin - RussiaSex - Male & female availableAdult size - 5-8cm 30gAverage Lifespan - 2yrsCare level - BeginnerDescription - Great temperament – rarely bite. Relatively slow and easy to handle. Awake in the evening and at night. Best kept alone but can live in pairs/groups if introduced at a young age and if they are the same sex. Males are easier to keep together but if you see any signs of fighting, then you must separate them. Available in a variety of colours and the coat can turn white in the winter.
  • Cleaning

    Clean out cage at least once a week and disinfect.

  • Diet & Water

    PPC Small animal mix. Small piece of Cabbage, spinach, banana, carrot once or twice a week

  • Shopping List

    Cage, Bedding, Food, Treats, Food bowl, Water bottle, Exercise wheel, Exercise ball, Disinfectant

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