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Common name- Canaries

Latin name- Serinus canaria forma domestica

Country of Origin- Africa

Sex- Males & females available

Adult size- 10-15cm 10-30g

Average Lifespan- 10-15 years

Diet & water- Canary Seed and fresh water daily. Small pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables can be given as a treat. Millet sprays and cuttlefish should also be offered.

Care level- Beginner

Description- Male canaries are well known for their singing, whereas the females tend to chirp. They are an attractive, sociable bird and easy to care for. Canaries are not easy to hand tame and best kept in a large cage or aviary. If they are kept on their own, they will need plenty of company and mental stimulation, or you should add a companion of their own kind of either sex. 

Cleaning- Clean out cage at least once a week and disinfect.

Shopping list- Cage, Sand sheets or bird sand, Seed, Treats, Seed dish, Water bowl, Grit, Perches, Toys, Millet Sprays, Cuttlefish, Iodised block, Disinfectant

Yellow Canaries

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