Zompro stick insect

Zompro stick insect


Common name - Zompro Stick Insect

Latin name - Parapachymorpha zomproi

Country of Origin - Thailand

Adult size - 10cm

Average Lifespan - 12 months

Care level - Beginner

Temperature range - 20-30 C

Minimum housing size - 30 x 30 x 45cm

Diet - Bramble leaves, Oak and Hawthorn leaves

Description -Zompro stick insects are a calm species of stick insect. They can be  handled easily and will not try to run. They cannot fly as this species does not have wings. They are night-active, during the day they mostly sit still.

Cleaning - Replace substrate as required

Shopping list - Enclosure, substrate, oasis, water bowl, spray mister bottle

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