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Common name - Axolotl

Latin nameAmbistoma mexicanum

Country of Origin - Mexico

Sex - Mixed

Adult size - 15-45cm

Average Lifespan - 10-15 years

Care level - Beginner

UV required - no

Temperature range - Room temperature - 6-20 C

Minimum housing size - 3ft tank - 100 litres

Description - Axolotls live their entire life in the water and never emerge on to land. To stay as an Axolotl they must remain in water with no access to land, otherwise they will drop their gills and become a salamander. They are hardy and easy to care for and will breed readily in captivity.

Cleaning - Regular water changes will be required. Monitor water quality by testing. 

Shopping list - Aquarium, substrate, filter, lighting, food, hide, plants, decor, test kit, water conditioner, thermometer, net.

Common Axolotls

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