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Common name - Annams Stick Insects

Latin name - Medauroidea extradentata

Country of Origin - Vietnam

Adult size - 10-12cm

Average Lifespan - 12 months

Care level - Beginner

Temperature range - 20-30 C

Minimum housing size - 30 x 30 x 30cm

Diet - Bramble, privet, raspberry leaves

Description - The insects feed at night, when they are active. During the day, they rest, often with legs in line with the body. When disturbed, their defence method is faking death, the body becoming rigid, and the legs held along the line of the body. They may also be found swaying to mimic the movement of foliage in wind.

Cleaning - Replace substrate as necessary

Shopping list - Enclosure, substrate, oasis, water dish, spray bottle

Annams stick insects

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