Baby Fire Bellied Toads


Common name - Fire bellied toads

Latin name - Bombina orientalis

Country of Origin - Korea, China, Russia

Adult size - 5cm 

Average Lifespan - 10-20 years

Care level - Beginner

UV required - 2%

Temperature range - 18-25 C

Minimum housing size - 45 x 45 x 60cm 

Description - Oriental fire-bellied toads are hardy little toads that are suitable for beginners. They are not hard to care for. They are native to southern and southeastern Asia, they are noted for their bright green and black coloration on their backs and brilliant orange and black on their undersides.

Cleaning - Bioactive enclosure - use cleanup crew

Shopping list - 45 x 45 x 45cm Exo Terra fully planted, Lighting, Heating, Water dish, Livefood, Calcium & D3, thermo/hygrometer, spray bottle

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