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Common name - Sugar Gliders

Latin name - Petaurus breviceps

Country of Origin- Australia, Indonesia, Tasmania and Papa-New Guinea

Sex- Male and Female Pair

Adult size- 24-30cm 115-140g

Average Lifespan- 15 years 

Care level- Advanced 

Description- Sugar gliders are social animals and best kept in pairs or groups. They can be quite vocal and bark like a dog. They are marsupials so raise their young in the pouch of the mothers belly. Sugar gliders are nocturnal so best to feed in the morning and evening. We recommend keeping them in a large wire cage with feeding areas up high and a nest pouch for them to sleep in. They enjoy toys and will make use of ladders and branches to climb on. 

Pair of Sugar Gliders (Grey)

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  • Sugar Glider mix, fresh fruit and vegetables daily, insects e.g crickets/locusts, mealworms, wax worms can be given as a treat. Fresh clean water daily. It's also beneficial to give them a calcium and multivitamin supplement on their food to prevent any deficiencies.

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