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Common name - Syrian Hamster

Latin name - Mesocricetus auratus

Country of Origin - Syria and Middle East

Sex - Male & female available

Adult size - 12-17cm 120-160g

Average Lifespan - 2-3yrs

Care level - Beginner

Description - Syrian hamsters can make great pets if handled a lot.They must live on their own as they are territorial. They are nocturnal so best to handle at night. Syrian hamsters require lots of exercise so get as large a cage as possible.

Cleaning - Clean out cage at least once a week and disinfect.

Shopping list - Cage, Bedding, Food, Treats, Food bowl, Water bottle, Exercise wheel, Exercise ball, Disinfectant




Syrian Hamster

  • Diet & water - PPC Small animal mix. Small piece of Cabbage, spinach, banana, carrot once or twice a week

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